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Sexual Health Principles: Mutual Pleasure

What comes to mind when you think of mutuality? What comes to mind when you think of pleasure? How do you combine the two? Do you like the outcome when you do? I am interested in ways that people bring mutual pleasure into their relationships as a part of sexual health. I find that new […]

Sexual Health Principles: Shared Values

What values do you hold regarding your sexual health? How do these impact your self-concept, identity and ways that you bring yourself into current or new intimate relationships? As you look back over your life, what spaces have existed (or not) to help you to define your sexual health values? When have you been able […]

Sexual Health Principles: Honesty

How does honesty fit in your vision of sexual health? Are there situations where you feel like you are able to be more honest than others about your sexual desires or sexual needs? Are there situations when it feels like practicing honesty is difficult to do? Together with my clients I explore honesty and what […]

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Sexual health principles: Protection from HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infection and Unintended Pregnancy

When you engage in sexual activity: How high is your risk of contracting HIV? How high is your risk of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection? How likely are you to conceive a child that you weren’t planning to conceive? I enjoy engaging clients about the continuum of risk for each of these activities. Clients are […]

Sexual health principles: Non-exploitation

When people consult me about a sexual health problem that they are dealing with, there is often some issue arising out of some exploitative practice. At times this practice may be happening presently. In some conversation this exploitation took place some time ago and the person who is speaking with me is just starting to […]

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Sexual Health Principles: Consent

Partners giving each other permission to engage in intimate and/or sexual relationship is a starting point for sexual health conversations. This topic, and what constitutes consent has been emerging as a cause for concern on many college campuses. In a therapy setting, my goal is to help clients gain understandings of each others preferences and […]

Sexual Health Principles

Based in a rich history of community practice, scholarship and clinical investigation, the Six Sexual Health Principles are currently used to shape customized Sexual Health Plans in many different clinical settings. The Principles help to begin conversations that inspire careful consideration about the motivations for people’s erotic lives and pursuit of sex. The Six Sexual […]