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Sexual Health Principles: Shared Values

What values do you hold regarding your sexual health? How do these impact your self-concept, identity and ways that you bring yourself into current or new intimate relationships? As you look back over your life, what spaces have existed (or not) to help you to define your sexual health values? When have you been able […]

honesty doesn't need to be perfection

Sexual Health Principles: Honesty

How does honesty fit in your vision of sexual health? Are there situations where you feel like you are able to be more honest than others about your sexual desires or sexual needs? Are there situations when it feels like practicing honesty is difficult to do? Together with my clients I explore honesty and what […]

Sexual health principles: Protection from HIV, Sexually Transmitted Infection and Unintended Pregnancy

When you engage in sexual activity: How high is your risk of contracting HIV? How high is your risk of contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection? How likely are you to conceive a child that you weren’t planning to conceive? I enjoy engaging clients about the continuum of risk for each of these activities. Clients are […]

condoms are one tool to help prevent HIV, STI's and unwanted pregnancy, sexual health conversations, Michael Giancola, LMFT