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Sexual Health Principles: Consent

Partners giving each other permission to engage in intimate and/or sexual relationship is a starting point for sexual health conversations. This topic, and what constitutes consent has been emerging as a cause for concern on many college campuses. In a therapy setting, my goal is to help clients gain understandings of each others preferences and […]

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Sexual Health Principles

Based in a rich history of community practice, scholarship and clinical investigation, the Six Sexual Health Principles are currently used to shape customized Sexual Health Plans in many different clinical settings. The Principles help to begin conversations that inspire careful consideration about the motivations for people’s erotic lives and pursuit of sex. The Six Sexual […]

Welcome to SD Interview

Dear Client, I hope that this blog may be useful regarding: – collaborative ways of having therapy conversations – strengths and skills based ways of having therapy conversations – relational health ideas and skills – sexual health principles and how they apply to your intimate relationships Please feel free to follow me on twitter @SDInterview […]