Sexual Health Principles: Shared Values

What values do you hold regarding your sexual health? How do these impact your self-concept, identity and ways that you bring yourself into current or new intimate relationships?

As you look back over your life, what spaces have existed (or not) to help you to define your sexual health values?

When have you been able to share those values with a significant or cherished other? How did that work out?

Many clients are relieved to have a space where they can express and examine their own values around sex as a first step toward sharing those values with a partner. Some clients make discoveries that are engaging and invigorating when we speak about shared sexual values – because they are able to discover or rediscover preferences and self-care techniques that have been present in their lives but out of clear view. Many clients take steps toward defining their sexual health values for the first time.

I look forward to accompanying you in discussion about your sexual health values. Likewise, I look forward to exploring ways that you come to share these values with intimate partners and/or supportive others.

Mike Giancola, LMFT