Sexual Health Principles: Honesty

How does honesty fit in your vision of sexual health?

Are there situations where you feel like you are able to be more honest than others about your sexual desires or sexual needs?

Are there situations when it feels like practicing honesty is difficult to do?

Together with my clients I explore honesty and what honesty looks like in the context of past, present and future sexual relationships and sexual agreements.

Clients are often relieved to know that honesty does not always mean a once-and-for-all truth telling of every difficult event or decision they have ever faced – and that it can also represent a commitment to relationships, to agreements and to open, ongoing communication about those relationships and agreements.

I look forward to engaging you about honesty in the therapy room in hopes of finding out more about ways that honesty shows up in support of you and your relationships.

Mike Giancola, LMFT