Sexual Health Principles: Consent

Partners giving each other permission to engage in intimate and/or sexual relationship is a starting point for sexual health conversations. This topic, and what constitutes consent has been emerging as a cause for concern on many college campuses.

In a therapy setting, my goal is to help clients gain understandings of each others preferences and desires for relating both intimately and on a day-to-day basis. When you think of the process of giving permission for someone to be intimate with you, how did it go? What has it been like when your preferences and your language about sex and intimacy were respected?

If clients consult me around non-consensual activity that they have experienced, I support them by making appropriate referrals to services that can support their recovery. At times this will be in combination with seeing me for weekly therapy visits. At other times, this will be beyond my ability to help a client around non-consent issues and I will do my best to find that person support around this issue.

Michael Giancola, LMFT